“Augusto Font and I launched The San Juan Review, a monthly English-language magazine, in February 1964, and it lasted until November  1966.  Augusto, born in Puerto Rico, had returned recently from college in the U.S. and was working with Publicidad Badillo, the island’s largest ad agency.  I, born in New Jersey, came to the island in 1961 and had been working as a correspondent for Tony Beacon, publisher of the San Juan Diary, a weekly tourism/gossip magazine.  Augusto and I yearned for work that was more challenging, so we decided that Puerto Rico needed a quality magazine.  Through Augusto, we obtained substantial financial  support  for the magazine from Marcos Ramírez, a prominent lawyer, who had recently purchased a printing plant, Talleres Gráficos Interamericanos, in the Puerta de Tierra sector of San Juan. Back then, plants on the island did not print in four-color.  Marcos installed four-color equipment at his newly acquired plant and used our magazine as a showcase of high quality printing. Our literary editor was our dear friend Pedro Juan Soto, a published author and professor at the University of Puerto Rico.  Each month, Pedro Juan would select two short stories (one by a Puerto Rican author, another by an author from elsewhere in Latin America) and assign them to be translated to English.  I look back with amazement at the number of marvelous writers who contributed fiction and articles to the magazine during its three years of existence.  A few examples from just the first year: Fiction: In addition to Pedro Juan Soto they included Juan Bosch, Emilio Díaz Valcárcel, Ramón Ferreira, René Marqués, José Luis González, Abelardo Díaz González, Emilio Belaval, William Kennedy (then a local journalist, who later became a famous US novelist), Dalmiro Saenz, Hal Underhill, Jorge Luis Borges, Antonio Márquez Salas. Articles: Former Time music critic Carter Harman, Nathan Leopold, Florangel Cárdenas, Manuel Maldonado-Denis, Thomas Marvel, Leopold Kohr, Jane Alderdice,  Carlos Fuentes, Teodoro Moscoso, Robert W. Anderson, Nilita Vientós Gastón, Robert Hamory, George Moberg, Virginia Matters, Irving Peter Pflaum. Great photos by Marvin Schwartz and cartoons by Max Frye also enhanced the magazine. Ernie Potvin, a dear friend, was our art director.  Olga Jimenez Wagenheim was in charge of subscription management.”

- Kal Wagenheim