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The San Juan Review was a monthly magazine published from February 1964 through November 1966. It included great works by noted writers, translators, artists and photographers.  It was founded and edited by Augusto Font and Kal Wagenheim.  Key staff members included literary editor Pedro Juan Soto (prolific author of works of fiction), art director Ernie Potvin, and subscription manager Olga Jiménez  Wagenheim. The magazine received important financial support from Lcdo. Marcos Ramírez, who purchased Talleres Gráficos Interamericanos in the Puerta de Tierra sector of San Juan, which printed the magazine.

With this site users can access complete issues of the San Juan Review in the Archives section, which includes numerous interesting articles and images. In the Gallery section of the site, users can peruse images by well known artists and photographers who were featured in the magazine.

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